Vaquero North Saddles

NT45 Ghost Barrel Saddle

$ 2,350.00

Vaquero North Saddles

NT45 Ghost Barrel Saddle

$ 2,350.00

NT45 Ghost Barrel Saddle

The NT45 Ghost is the perfect saddle choice for serious competitors who want to ensure the most freedom of movement for their horse while barrel racing. A confluence of design and purpose to Ghost the Competition.

Bridging the gap between Custom and Production, The NT45 Ghost is fully customizable from inside out.

Designed on a Equi-Steele Wood Tree made exclusively for Triple Creek Saddlery and Northern Tack.  Customizable sizing using Ed Steele’s own Fit To Be Seen forms.*

Features include: An aggressive shoulder flare that enable horses to stretch without restriction from pain and those "too steep" rafters that inhibit full range of motion.

The seat sits you as close as possible to your horse while distributing weight evenly and keeping the rider balanced.

Negative skirting behind the cantle rounding out to a mini-skirt leaving just enough room for rear cinch billet slots. Perfect for those shorter backed foundation bred quarter horses that suffer from saddle skirting hitting them at the point of the hip when worked in traditional square skirt saddles.

100% Hermann Oak’s Grade 1 leather.

Real Sheep’s Wool attached the right way to wick moisture away from the horses back and keep them cool during extreme conditions. It also lasts and lasts unlike traditional fleece.

Pre-twisted and forward hung stirrups to ensure the rider stays balanced in and out of the turns.

Lightweight Aluminum stirrups.

4” Natural Rawhide Horn for added grip and stability.

Optional Stingray seat for added seat-grip and without all the wear that traditional seats and exotics experience after heavy use.

Fully customizable hand tooling.

Available in all tree sizes.

*And we’ll even fit your horse by mail with our fit forms!

*Additional options include: Bear Trap Swells, Vintage Leather Dyes, Rough-Out, Slick, or Fully Tooled Designs, Stainless Dots, Pie Plate Silver Lacing with Coordinating Leather on Pommel and/or Cantle, Rough out or grain out lining instead of fleece or 100% wool, Customizable Swarovski Crystal Conchos and Matching Hand Tooled rear cinch off billets, cinches, saddle crosses and pendants.

Please phone us toll free at 855-NOR-TACK (855-667-8225), if you'd like to order the Ghost and pick your tooling, leather colors, and all the options you can dream up!