Our Brands

We are a frontieresque company store located in the North East Woods of Downeast Maine on the border of New England and the Canadian Maritimes. Crossing disciplines, genres and generations, we're committed to carrying only the best products on the market today for the working hand. We specialize in Custom Leather Products and Performance Gear for hard working men and women.

We sell natural horse supplements from companies like Herbsmith, Silver Lining Herbs and Wendals because we’ve researched their claims and know they actually contain what’s on the label.  Whether you have a top producing mare, winning performance horse, or just a pasture pet who’s creeping up there in years, we guarantee we have a natural supplement that will enhance the quality of their lives. 

We carry great Made in the USA products like handmade Mohair Cinchas and wool pads from 5 Star, Iconoclast Boots from Western Legacy, and Vaquero Tack from Buckaroo Leather.  You will find that these companies are bar none, the best in their field. They may be a little more money that what you’re used to but, nothing beats their quality and construction in our opinion. You do get what you pay for when it comes to tack, that’s for sure. 

You’ll find that every pair of Bullet Blue Jeans is constructed with the best USA sourced materials and the owner truly cares about quality.  Our tees are all Made in the USA and they use organic ink as well! When it comes to footwear, no one makes quality work boots better than Danner. They’ve been making them since 1927! 

We sell tools of the trade like headlamps from Princeton Tec and knives from SpyderCo.  Both companies sell exceptional products and these are perfect if you need to work in tough, dark conditions.  

We’ve picked companies who specifically stand behind what they make.  You just don’t hear of that much anymore.  Even our heavily blinged out tack from Alamo Saddlery is sturdy and can take a beating so, you don’t have to worry about stones falling out or the leather splitting after one season. Yes, we know it’s not cheap like Showman or Hilason by a longshot but, they aren’t as good by a longshot either. 

These are just a few of the many, many manufacturers we carry.  In fact, some of our favorite products are made by small mom and pop shops so, take a look around and look for Northern Tack Favorite under the description for products we use personally and love.

You're bound to find exactly what you're looking for here in Downeast Maine and we’ll even ship it to you for free if you spend over $90 if you live in the USA.